The Movement

The core of this movement is to empower people.

The core of this movement is to empower people by providing them with the right training to return to the workforce.

We are creating a sustainable model for refugee integration, while offering a once in a lifetime experience to visit and stay at the renowned prison before it is demolished.

Let’s together turn this space into a place of colour, motivation and inspiration.

This project is brought to you by: Movement on The Ground


Movement on The Ground is a non-profit organization who is behind The Movement Hotel project.

We are a foundation responding to a humanitarian crisis affecting the innocent men, women and children forced from their homes by climate change, poverty and war. We identify needs not being met and aim to fill these needs by activating our network of logistical, financial and structural partners to provide these needs thoroughly and without hesitation. 

Our mission is to deliver a more dignified, sustainable, and innovative response to the refugee crisis in Europe. We believe that refugee camps should be more inclusive, more self-sustaining and providing refugees with a better quality of life and adaptation process to their new environments. With collaborative efforts with interested corporations, other charities, refugees, volunteers, and donations, we are activating a network that re-defines the global refugee camps.